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Igon Siruss Is Kodar'Khan, Born In 2690 On Karkos, A Small, Inhospitable Moon Orbiting Planet Kirian In Dimension 2. Igon Is Already The Most-feared Pirate In The Galaxy, And The Humans' Most-wanted Criminal, When He Comes Face To Face With Valerian And Laureline. He Is The Galaxy's Public Enemy Number One. Picture

Igon Siruss Is Kodar

War For The Planet Of Apes >> Pin Igon Siruss is Kodar'Khan, born in 2690 on Karkos, a small, inhospitable moon orbiting planet Kirian in Dimension 2. Igon is already the most-feared pirate in the galaxy, and the humans' most-wanted criminal, when he comes face to face with Valerian and Laureline. He is the galaxy's public enemy number one. picture to pinterest.

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